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CAD refers to the use of computers to create 2D and 3D (2 dimensional & 3 dimensional) models and designs of products in various industries. It works with CAD software across industries and professions to create architectural designs, building models, floor plans, graphic designs, mechanical and technical drawings, electrical schemes, and blueprints. It is also used in films to generate special effects. CAD allows designs and models to be created in quick time and saved in the database for future use. Unlike technical drawings on paper which have only one 2D view, CAD designs can be viewed from various angles to ensure proper fit and alignment of components. Viability of designs can be evaluated easily with computerized calculations and analytical tools. Designs created on CAD software can be shared and used by multiple users to perform collaborative tasks and save significant amount of time on individual aspects of a project.


With CAD, an entire model can be created on the computer screen which designers use to visualize and evaluate properties such as width, height, elevation, distance, color and texture before the model is approved for application. Working on designs with CAD software has many benefits for engineers and clients. Engineers can create and visualize numerous 2D/3D objects and make as many changes as they need to achieve the desired specifications in much efficient manner than paper and pencil. It makes details in the designed that are precise and accurate to almost real-life levels with digital representation features. Regular analysis, evaluations, checks and simulations help in identifying problems and issues in the design which is very difficult in paper-based designs. CAD software is available for almost all areas of engineering and designing with specific features that match the requirements of individual disciplines.


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