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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is the process of analyzing the flow of fluids using digital methods of numerical solution. The constantly growing computational power of computers has made the field of CFD a common tool used to generate solutions for the efficient flow of fluids with or without interaction with solids. Fluid flow is examined on the basis of physical properties such as density, velocity, viscosity, temperature and pressure using CFD analysis software. Individual properties must be considered simultaneously to generate virtual and accurate solution for a problem or physical phenomenon related to the fluid flow. The use of CFD tools allows engineers to analyze complex problems that involve the interaction of fluid with fluid, solid and gas. CFD analysis is commonly used in the advanced areas of engineering such as aerodynamics and hydrodynamics to obtain field properties such as velocity and pressure, and quantities such as drag and lift.

Physical laws are also involved in fluid dynamics with the use of partial differential equations. These laws are translated into algebraic equations by highly advanced CFD software or solvers which are capable of numerically solving the equations. A mathematical model of the physical case along with the algebraic method is then used by the software to analyze fluid flow. The fundamental mathematical description is provided in the Navier-Stokes (NS) equation that explains the motion of viscous fluids, for all models of theoretical fluid dynamics. The mathematical model varies according to the specific area of problem such as mass transfer, heat transfer, chemical reaction, phase change etc. Important here is that reliability of the analysis is highly dependent on the entire structure of the process. Therefore, it is also extremely important to properly verify the mathematical model so that an accurate case can be created to solve the problem. Also, to generate reliable solutions, it is vital that proper numerical methods are determined in advance.

  • Pre-processing: in which the problem statement is converted into a discreet and idealized computer model
  • Solving: in which computations are performed by the CFD software or the solver
  • Post-processing: where engineers analyze and visualize the results

As it is capable of significantly reducing the number of physical prototypes, CFD analysis is considered as a key element in the process of sustainable product development. It has high time saving potential in the design process which makes it much quicker and cost-effective that the traditional methods of testing to collect data. It is also very useful because of its capability to measure all required quantities at one go with high precision related to time and space.

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