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Energy modeling is the computerized simulation focusing on energy consumption, bills and charges, and the life cycle costs of energy consuming items such as lighting, air conditioning and hot water. It also evaluates the impact and gains from renewable energy solutions such as solar panels, wind turbines, and energy-efficient appliances. Building simulation, which is the process of building a computerized replica of a building with all its parts and features, is the basis on which energy requirement of a building is modeled. The simulation is performed by replicating the weather conditions that the building is likely to face through an entire year. Energy modeling is the common phrase used to denote the involvement of energy in a building simulation.


DesignBuilder has one of the most commonly used and advanced interface for the standard energy simulation tool for the industry-EnergyPlus. The program is capable of handling the most vital and common building simulation components including building materials, thermal mass, shading, glazing, renewable sources, the HVAC system and financial analysis. Energy modelers can calculate the loads of heating and cooling with the ASHRAE-approved method of heat balancing incorporated in EnergyPlus. Loads thus calculated can be reported at the plant, system and zonal levels and can include design weather data. Actual hourly weather data can be used to run simulations of the model to evaluate the behavior of the building in real-world conditions.


The daylighting tool can be used to model control systems which use photoelectric sensors at the zonal level and calculate savings in electric lighting. DesignBuilder allows checking the impact of deign alternatives on important parameters including annual consumption of energy, overheating timings and emissions. Consumption can be broken down and separated by fuel and end-use for better evaluation of component-specific requirement. The software also calculates internal air, operative temperatures and the mean radiation throughout the model. Other design components that can be modeled using the program include natural ventilation, glazing systems, glazed cavities and various types of shading.

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