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Solidworks Simulation, Finite Element Analysis. What is it?

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used by engineers to solve complex engineering and scientific problems with computerized numerical analysis. The program was originally developed to solve complex problems in the area of solid mechanics. The technique has now become one of the most common and versatile methods of simulating deformable solids. In modern engineering, FEA is understood as the process by which the behavior of a part or assembly is simulated under specific conditions so that they can be assessed further with the numerical mathematical technique—finite element method (FEM). The process is of great importance in many fields of engineering, especially mechanical engineering. It is also one of the key principles applied while developing simulation programs. The primary use of the method is to reduce the number of physical models or prototypes and run simulations to optimize designs in order to save cost and time.

Why You Need Finite Element Analysis using Solidworks?

Complex mathematical models are required in FEA to evaluate and quantify how a part or assembly is affected by real-world conditions. Simulations are performed using specialized software that allows engineers to identify potential problems such as weak spots and areas of high tension in the design. Mathematical models and equations help engineers in understanding and quantifying the behavior of fluids and structures, thermal transport, wave propagation and other important phenomena. Even though most of the phenomena can be analyzed using partial differential equations, FEA comes into play as the most reliable technique in complex situations such as the estimation of strain and stress rates which require numerous highly variable equations. The FEA method provides approximate solutions to most of these problems. Results are generated by the simulation software and usually displayed on a color scale.

For easy functionality, FEA algorithms and models are usually integrated with simulation software such as Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor Nastran and the Ansys software suite. The integration of programs into CAD software makes it easier for engineers to switch between designing and running complex analysis of structures. FEA simulations are created with a mesh made up of millions of smaller elements that make up the overall shape of the structure. This is also used as a method of transcribing a 3D object on a mathematical series that can be analyzed. The density of the mesh can also be changed depending on the complexity of the simulation. The small elements are individually calculated and analyzed. Final result of the structure is produced and displayed as a combination of refinements or changes in the mesh.

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