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Solidworks provides the user with an intuitive system for 3D CAD by combining user-friendly features with powerful modeling capabilities to handle complex design projects. A typical model in Solidworks comprises of 3D geometry either in part or in the assembly document. The user can create a drawing from models or by using the drawing document to draft views. The modeling process typically begins with a sketch, creating a base feature and then by adding other features to the model. An imported geometry or a solid surface can also be used to start modeling. The program allows the user to refine and enhance the design by adding, arranging and editing design features. All the parts, drawings and assemblies are connected via the associative feature which ensures that any change made to a view or document is automatically updated in all other views and documents. Drawings and assemblies can be generated anytime during the modeling and designing process. The program also allows the user to generate models and environments as realistic as real photos with the compatible graphics card.

Solid Edge Parts Modelling Assignment Help

There are four methods of part modeling in Solid Edge-ordered, direct, synchronous and convergent. Ordered modeling begins with a 2D sketch-controlled base feature which is basically an extrusion that can be linear, swept, lofted or revolved. Subsequent features are built on the basis of the previous feature. Editing requires the entire model to be rolled back to the point the feature was built in order to prevent the application of constraints to geometry that has not yet been added. On the downside, it does not allow the user to analyze the impact of the editing on subsequent features. In direct modeling, the user can change the geology or topology of a model without the process being hampered by existing or lacking parametric and history data of native as well as imported models. The synchronous method allows common parametric relationships to be applied directly and automatically to solid features. It also eliminates the design and modeling dependence on 2D sketch geometry. The convergent method allows working with polygon and mesh data along with the common surface modeling techniques of traditional methods.

Solidworks & Solid Edge Parts Modelling Help

Included with the software suite, Solid Edge Design is the only commercially available mechanical system that combines popular CAD tools with the capabilities of design management. This combination provides users with very useful tools to manage collaborations and coordinate activities of the different design teams. These tools eliminate miscommunications and help create error-free, innovative designs efficiently. The manufacturing solution provides state-of-the-art functions to deliver higher efficiency and accuracy in production. It can be used to define and execute functions such as CNC machining, cutting, molding, bending, nesting, welding, assembling, additive manufacturing and 3D printing in both traditional and modern manufacturing processes. Lastly, the simulation solutions of the software have advanced capabilities for individual parts, assembly analysis simulation, defining and evaluating complete systems and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

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